A Mobile App for Centre/South

JP Centre/South Main Streets will be migrating our First Thursday ArtWalk to an app called StriveOn. This app is available for both Apple and Android. It’s a far more fun and interactive way to get involved with the business district and community events.

What is StriveOn?
StriveOn is a location-based mobile app that engages the user in their community in more fun and innovative ways. These days events have to engage people in a way that’s familiar and fun for them. Because so many of us rely on our smartphones and social media now, this app will allow us to bring our First Thursday event to that level.

How do you use it?
It’s so easy. Users can download the app for Apple or Android (Google Play), and it will automatically know where they are and what’s around them. They can use their app to scroll through a listing of businesses and organizations in the area. Or they can choose to receive notifications, so their phone will “ding” every time they walk past a special event or offering.

Will it share my personal information?
The app allows users to choose how much information that they would like to share, meaning they can maintain their privacy if they choose, or they can tell us more about themselves, such as where they live and where they are coming from. In any case, JP Centre/South Main Streets and the participating businesses will NOT have any access to personal information that is not shared by the user.

How can I add my business to the listings?
Just click here and we’ll do all the rest! Try to include pictures, video, and audio, if you can, as that will make your listing more inviting.

How much will it cost?
There is NO cost. Thanks to a generous grant from the Boston Main Streets Foundation, this program is free to both users and businesses.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?
That’s ok! The First Thursday ArtWalk map will still be printed. Copies will be available at the JP Branch Library and City Feed & Supply.

How will we tell people about it?
We’re having a party! On Saturday, Sept 29, we will host a StriveOn Launch Party on the lawn of First Baptist Church from 12 to 4pm. We’ll have food, drinks, games, and more. The app itself will feature a SCAVENGER HUNT for users to get to know their business district. Be sure to get on the app before then!


Jamaica Plain Mobile App with Strive On

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