Curley Parking Lot is Looking Good!!

MANY, many, many thanks to Ken Dietz and Hilary Law who put in hours of work at the municipal parking lot at the corner of Centre and Spring Park Ave, pruning the trees, as part of our Community CleanUp on November 4. Their work helps create a prettier and SAFER lot for the whole community!

The Community CleanUp and Daffodil Planting had to be rescheduled for Sunday, Nov 4 due to the rain. Unfortunately, this meant that we weren’t able to plant daffodils as we had planned. However, we do have daffodils available for the community to plant. If you would like to plant some daffodils at this municipal lot, or any other public space, please get in touch with us and we will provide the bulbs!

Thank you to Boston Blooms with Daffodils from the Mayor’s Parks and Recreation Department for providing the daffodils.

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